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Ceramic Oil Burners 

Fill the room with the delicate scents of aromatherapy using ceramic oil burners for essential oils.

Often called "oil warmers" or "essential oil lamps", they are all the same fun and easy way of filling your space with clean, smoke-free scents

Using of an oil burner can soothe or energize the mind, heighten or relax the senses, and promote any mood or feeling one can think of, more or less.

An oil burner usually consists of a chamber in which to place a small tea light candle, which serves to heat the oil. The oil itself rests in a small, concave dish directly overtop the candle chamber, usually diluted with some water. The candle is lit, and in only a few minutes, warms the water/oil mixture, the smell of which is then released into the surrounding air - without producing soot or ash.

Create a welcoming, pleasant atmosphere and awaken your senses with these ceramic oil burners.

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